13.3 inch Mirror Glass PCAP Touch Display

How can a mirror glass become a multi-touch display? 

One method to realize touch function on a mirror glass is to optically bond a PCAP touchscreen sensor below. The touch sensor could be ITO sensor glass or ITO film-on-film sensor. And below the touch is the display. Usually, it is a TFT-LCD panel.

Here are two points at least we should pay attention to:

  1. The mirror glass must be non-conductive, as the PCAP touch screen is via human body current contacting the touch sensor to report the touch positon to the touch IC controller. Conductive materials on the mirror glass interferes the electic field, resulting in short cut and not reporting the right touch position.

  2. The brightness of the display panel is recommended to be above 500arounits, as the mirror glass viewing area is transluncent. Its transmittance is usually around 30%.

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