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PCAP touch screen is cover lens (glass or plastic) optically bonded on touchscreen sensor (ITO glass or ITO films). Designing and manufacturing PCAP touchscreen sensors is one of our core competitiveness. With over 10 years experience of a touch screen manufacturer, we have most standard touch sensor from 3.5" to 75" and some standard cover glass. PCAP technology is highly customizable and can be designed according to the individual needs of customers.


Custom PCAP touch screen

Custom PCAP touch screen is different from resistive touch screens.

Resistive touch sensors register a touch when force is applied to the screen. When pressed against the screen, the finger creates an indent in the top membrane, which connects to the electrodes at the bottom of the stack. This change in resistance is how touches are recognized.

PCAP screens use two layers of electrodes (X and Y) around which a capacitive electromagnetic field is created. When a finger, stylus, or other conductive object hovers or touches the screen, an electrical charge is created that enables the processing system to recognize, record and respond to the signal.

Custom PCAP sensors offer numerous advantages. They can support multi-touch, gestures, and 3D proximity sensing, and offer superior reliability and durability. This makes them ideal for automotive, consumer, medical and industrial applications.


Common application-specific tweaks include:

• Multi touch
• Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
• Water and saline immunization
• Glove operation
• Stylus Operation
• Proximity and Air Gesture Touch


Additional PCAP display optimizations for challenging conditions:
• Ruggedized design for industrial or automotive applications
• Specialty coatings and films for improved optical performance (anti-glare, anti-reflection, antimicrobial and anti-fingerprint finishes)

Bonding method of touch sensor and display:

Optical Bonding: The touch sensor and cover assembly are always bonded together using OCA film or liquid glue. Currently, air gaps are not used to bond the two layers together, as air gaps can cause uneven touch sensitivity across the surface. Optical bonding also provides near perfect optical transmission and reduced reflections.


A fully customized projected capacitive touchscreen solution allows you to adjust all touchscreen parameters to meet your application requirements.

• Custom Coverslips
• Specify your own logo and button print design
• Specify your own external dimensions
• Choose glass up to 9mm thick
• Add holes for mechanical buttons or USB plugs
• Choose vandal proof glass
• Add anti-smudge/anti-fingerprint coating
• Use acrylic or polycarbonate instead of glass
• Add an anti-glare or anti-reflection coating
• Custom stack


Custom PCAP touch screen is the best way to meet the unique application needs of product design engineers and manufacturers. As an experienced and capable capacitive touchscreen manufacturer, Cloudtop has the skills and expertise to meet virtually any requirement. We provide custom PCAP touch display solutions for industrial equipment, medical equipment, automotive infotainment centers, consumer electronics and more. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information!