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TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor, a type of LCD flat panel display in which each pixel is controlled by one to four transistors. This allows the current that illuminates the display to turn on and off at a faster rate, with smoother display motion. TFT technology captures the user's attention in a variety of colors and shades. Our TFT solutions will ensure your displays have rich colors, detailed images and complete graphics.


TFT-LCD panels from those famous brands like BOE, AUO, TIANMA, INNOLUX, LG and etc. are more reliable with more stable quality and stronger deliverability. We also help clients customize high brightness TFT-LCD to meet outdoor applications and stretched TFT-LCD panels are also available on request. 


For product design engineers and manufacturers, custom display and touch solutions are the best way to meet their unique application needs. Choosing us to be your TFT screen manufacturer means you will benefit from our extensive in-house experience. Our engineers provide you with data-based advice and dedicated support as we work with you to design a custom TFT LCD display solution.


Technical skills

• TN, WVTN, VA, MVA, IPS, FFS, AIFFMVA and other liquid crystal technologies
• Industrial, Medical, Consumer and Automotive Grade Solutions
• Sunlight readable solution
• Transmissive and semi-reflective polarizers (visible in sunlight)
• Wide viewing angle, wide color gamut
• Wide operating temperature range
• Economical Design
• Fully custom TFT display with optional customer-owned mask set
• Ultra-thin display
• TFT module assembly service
• High brightness backlight
• Various interfaces
• FPC and Interconnect
• Packaging and Installation
• Integrated with PCAP touch panel and cover

Custom TFT display characteristics

High speed response time
TFT-LCD screens from Cloudtop have a high-speed response time to help reduce the effects of blurring and ghosting in critical situations, making them ideal for the fast-moving industrial and digital world.

Lightweight Design
The TFT cells are made of glass with laminated polarizers. Can be used in plastic enclosures for a stronger end product with less damage from drops or stress strain.

Expand size range
TFT-LCD displays can be enhanced from >1.0" to 100.0", filling the smallest and largest gaps for your customers.


Custom TFT displays are used in household appliances, medical equipment, engineering instruments, aircraft, computer equipment, televisions, etc. We offer a wide range of embedded TFT touchscreen display solutions with the ability to add additional features and options to fully custom and semi-custom solutions. LCDs are available in many different shapes and sizes to provide the best contrast, brightness, visibility, etc. 


Whether you need a standalone TFT LCD display, or a fully integrated assembly with touch and cover, custom FPC or custom backlight, our experienced team can develop the right solution for your project. Please feel free to contact us for more information!