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Touch Display Module

We provide two technologies for bonding PCAP touch screen on TFT-LCD. Optical bonding is using OCA or LOCA to completely laminate PCAP touch screen on TFT-LCD, and tape bonding is using adhesive tape to laminate them around the border, therefore, there is an air-gap between the touch and TFT-LCD.


As one of the professional touch screen module manufacturers, we produce custom touch display module according to customer specifications. For the field of industrial and medical technology, we have successfully passed many industry-specific tests, which just need to be adapted in detail to your individual needs.


We develop custom touch display module for you based on different technologies, materials and design structures. If required, touch sensors can be optimally tuned for extremely cost-effective or high-quality applications. As experts and touchscreen manufacturers, we offer reliable advice.


Custom touch display module


• Touch type (single touch, touch key, two touch, multi touch, glove, water, salt water)
• Handwriting support (yes/no) and drilling (yes/no)
• Preferred controller (if available)
• Touch panel dimensions (effective size, outer dimensions with cover, and touch panel thickness)
• LCD size (active area, viewable area, and resolution)
• Connector (B2B or FPC) and Interface Type (SPI or I2C)
• Drop test conditions (<0.5m, <1m, <3H or none) 8)
• Surface hardness (>2H, >3H or >7H)
• Surface treatment requirements: AG (Antiglare), AR (Anti-reflection), AF (Anti-fingerprint), AS (Anti-shuttering)
• Bonding with LCD: Tape bonding or optical bonding
• Cover glass material and thickness (Tempered, Gorilla, Dragtrail, Plastic)

A separate touch display module tailored to your monitor.  When we use a larger touch sensor and reduce the active area, we can program rapid prototyping with the touch controller. Thus, even for small batches or prototypes, you can get a very economical solution. Cloudtop is one of the most trusted custom touchscreen manufacturers with decades of experience serving OEMs in all markets, including

Module Assembly Service Material:
• PET film or glass-based substrate
• Flexible Chip and Chip-on-Board Design
• Integrate custom covers using liquid glue or thin film OCA

• Sito, Dito
• Single and double glazing or film stacking

• A wide range of controllers are supported, including
• Internal Touch Controller Adjustments
• Standalone sensor with or without controller

Binding shows:
• Standard Bonding with DST and Air Gap
• Optical Bonding Using Liquid Glue
• Adhesive tape


Our custom touch display module is primarily based on projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen technology and can be customized to meet your unique application requirements. We offer standalone sensors as well as integrated touchscreen display assemblies with custom TFT-LCD displays, covers and peripherals. used for

• Automotive, Industrial and Medical Grade Solutions
• Rugged Design for Extreme Environments
• Glove and/or stylus support
• Water immunity
• Aaline immunization
• Low reflectivity
• Capacitive touch buttons
• Resistive touch
• 3D gesture touch

For detailed information, welcome to contact us!