21.5-inch Embedded PCAP Touchscreen Monitor

Our standard projected capaitive (PCAP) touch screen components and PCAP touchscreen display modules are widely used on embedded touchscreen monitors in most fields, like on industrial devices, kiosks, process control, workstation and other equipment.

Video Sources: HDMI / VGA, powered by 12V DC.

Resolution: FHD resolution, 1920 horizontal by 1080 vertical pixel array, can display 16.7M colors.

Luminance Contrast Ratio: 1000 typical, 3000 for option.

Brightness: 250cd/m2, high brightness for sunreadibility is for option.

Full Viewing Angles: 89/89/89/89 degrees.

Touch: 10-point finger touch, PCAP technology, powered by 5V USB, compatible with Windows, Android, Linux.

Bonding Technology: Tape-bonding, optical bonding is for option.

Mount: VESA on the back, mounting holes on the edges.